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The story cchf Saverio Mancino
Ever since I was little I always had a particular love for the holiday of my country. In Pignola, Basilicata, according to tradition, friends, relatives and neighbors may flow back to the streets to live together with joy and conviviality.
The master of the feast was always him, the Caciocavallo Hanged.
I remember that we children had a good time to help large set the fire until, once turned on, the crowd began to shout in chorus: “Hang it, Hang it ‘…”
Then the eldest of the group inched toward the brace holding a head of Caciocavallo Hanged ready for the gallows.
Enchanted, I remained watching the cheese melt until it gave way to the elderly sharp blade, which with easy dexterity him smeared on a slice of freshly toasted bread. The children, fortunately, were the first to have a slice. That taste is unparalleled in my memory.
Now I live with my family in the most beautiful city in the world, Rome. I can no longer participate in those moments of conviviality and feel the flavors of my country.
A little of nostalgia has come to me. For this, a few years ago, I came back to celebrate this ancient ritual at dinners and parties with close friends. It was they, joking, to propose to bring this tradition around the world. I have taken them seriously. I raised my glass of wine in front of the grill, and I replied: “hang him!”
“It is the land that does its part”
“The quality of products is unrivaled”
“Hanging is something to be experienced”
They say to my country.
We know that to recreate the charm of those moments are indispensable handicrafts, handmade as it once and hanged on hot coals.
For this we are in direct contact with all of the best local producers. We visit them personally, giving the delivery of their products, the taste to pass on the best of our land and our history.
In full respect of the ancient uses, we decided to develop an auction foldable and space-saving brace for hangings to perfection but easier to maintain.
Now everyone can experience this magical moment in every part of the world, exploring smells and flavors of our land and gaining experience of our ancient traditions.
He was born on Caciocavallo Hanged box.
Climb the scaffold has never been so good.


We are a group of persons became fond of the good board and quality of the products. The first clients of the HangedCaciocavalo are we.

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