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Lucano cutting board – Tortra (beer)

  • beer
  • caciocavallo
  • artichokes
  • olives
  • pecorino cheese
  • tarallucci
  • crusco pepper
  • suppressed
  • capocollo
  • + FREE wooden cutting board


Lucano cutting board – Tortora (beer)


Organic beer with ethical principles respectful of animal life and nature, with a golden color
and refermented in the bottle. Raw unfiltered, with pleasant bitterness, a soft body, with fruity and hints
spicy. To be served at a temperature of 5-8 ° C. Golden Ale Beer Style – EBU 27
AWARDS: Birra Morena Lucana Bio in its own style has won numerous awards, Gold Medal 2018 at Craft
Competition International Awards (USA), Bronze Medal 2017 at the International Beer Challenge of

  • 75CL – 5.8% ALC. VOL.- CRAFT BEER
  • Company: Birra Morena


Caciocavallo Lucano – Dairy Fattorie Lucane (Ruoti)

sweet, with a hard stretched curd, obtained from cow’s milk from the Lucanian plateau.
The piece seems to be taken from an elliptical or pear shape.
The crust is of a semi-hard and elastic straw color, while the paste is pale straw-colored and free of holes, dry and semi-hard. It smells a lot of boiled vegetables (cauliflower), together with cooked butter, with notes of nut, skin and – in the mouth – hints of hay


  • Cow milk
  • Rennet, Salt
  • 600 gr. approximately
  • Company: Fattorie Lucane


Artichokes in oil – Mirogallo (Matera)

The artichokes are grown in the countryside of Matera and in the spring harvested, then blanched in vinegar of
white wine and preserved in extra virgin olive oil.
Masseria Mirogallo is one of the few in the Italian panorama that produces and transforms its own on-site
The plus ultra is certainly the fact that little time passes between the collection and their transformation.

  • Artichokes in olive oil, 280g format
  • Notes: Produced and processed by the same company
  • Ingredients: Artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar
  • Company: La Masseria Mirogallo


Baked Olives – Ferrandina, Oroverde Lucano

The baked olives, a slow food presidium, which we invite you to buy online, are made in Ferrandina, small
municipality of Basilicata on the Materana Hill. It is one of the most productive areas in terms of oil
Extra virgin olive oil, consider that about 80% of its arable agricultural areas are olive groves.

The most common cultivar is the majatica which lends itself well to being baked; because it has big drupes with
a very small stone compared to all the rest of the pulp.
The first baked olives of the season are released commercially in January. The processing includes a
blanching of the olives at 90 ° C and then putting them in dry salting for a short period. The Olives, in part
dehydrated, they are then placed on racks and baked; in special dryers that reach a
temperature of about 50 °. The flavor of the olive remains unaltered and is full and sweet typical of the cultivar
majatica, with an accentuation of the flavor given by the baking.
The olives proposed for online purchase have no preservatives, no dyes, or any kind of
additive. The ingredients are majatica olives and salt.

  • Slow Food Presidium of Basilicata
  • Format 250g
  • Ingredients: Majatica olives, salt. There are no preservatives or dyes
  • Ferrandina’s baked olives go very well with Lucanian cured meats and aged
  • pecorino cheeses or with
  • canestrati from Basilicata.
  • Company: Oroverde Lucano


Canestrato Pecorino – Moliterno PGI

Lucano cheese produced according to a detailed specification. Sheep and goats must be reared
in a specific area of ​​Basilicata and mainly grazing. Any food supplements
prohibit the use of derived products of animal origin and silage but are allowed only and exclusively
grains of cereals such as oats, barley, wheat, corn and legumes such as broad beans, field beans and chickpea.
The milk used cannot be less than 70% for that of sheep and 10% for that of goat. In
generally a 70% and 30% proportion is preferred.
While the drying can be done at the processing company and lasts from thirty to forty days
from putting into shape, the seasoning must take place exclusively in the fondaci of the area traditionally
vocata or in the administrative territory of the municipality of Moliterno (Potenza).

Depending on the seasoning, we can find:

  • the primitivo, a product that has matured for up to 6 months;
  • the seasoned, having matured for over 6 months and up to 12;
  • the extra, with maturation that goes over 12 months.

Aging of less than 6 months is not allowed.

The color is typical of a pecorino with a well-defined crust and the paste that changes color gradation from the outside to the inside.
The nose is pungent.
Notes Minimum seasoning of 6 months
Format 300 gr. approximately
Ingredients: Sheep’s Milk 80%, Goat’s Milk 20%
Company: Canestrato di Moliterno Consortium


Tarallucci with Fennel

Biscuits made with Carosella del Pollino soft wheat flour.
This product is typical of Basilicata and needs 2 days for processing. During the first day i
cookies are boiled and left to dry overnight. The next day they are baked in the oven a
wood as it once was.
Handcrafted products as our grandmothers once made them.

Product Notes:

  • first boiled and then baked in the oven
  • Format 250g
  • Ingredients: Carosella del Pollino flour, EVO oil, 1% fennel seeds, water, salt and yeast
  • Company: Gerardi Vicenzina


Crusco pepper

Once dried, the Peperone di Senise PGI is selected and processed by hand to then be
fried in extra virgin olive oil, salted and packaged in glass jars that leave the qualities unchanged
typical organoleptic characteristics of “crusco”

It does not require cooking and can be used as simple chips to accompany your aperitifs,
as a condiment to enrich a first course of meat or fish or as a side dish.

  • Format: vase
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Company: Masseria Agricola Buongiorno – Senise


Suppressed with no added preservatives

This fine salami, known to true gourmets, comes from the carefully denervated lean thigh.
Coarsely ground with addition of cubed lard and peppercorns, stuffed into natural casings. There
peculiarity of the product is the absence of added preservatives.
Characteristics: without preservatives added in the product without preservatives. Gluten free, lactose free and
milk’s proteins. Without added polyphosphates and glutamate. The product does not contain GMOs.

  • Vacuum packed 300 gr. c.a.
  • Company: Salumi Emmedue


Sweet vacuum-packed capocollo slice

Typical Lucanian product, its name derives from the use of the part of the pig’s neck which
represents the exclusive cut to qualify this product, a true delight for the palate. The ancient method of
hand salting with which it is worked (rest, control, periodic massage) and a simple dressing
give this product exceptional organoleptic qualities.
Characteristics: without preservatives added in the product without preservatives. Gluten free, lactose free and
milk’s proteins. Without added polyphosphates and glutamate. The product does not contain GMOs.

  • Format: slice
  • Vacuum packed 700 gr. c.a.
  • Company: Salumi Emmedue

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