Social Media Day 2017 Endorsement

Good morning to all the tasters and enthusiasts of our bruschetta Caciocavalloimpiccato. We are returning from Milan as a sponsor of Social Media Day 2017

In the charm of Milan where novelties and innovations are enthusiastically welcomed, once again Caciocavalloimpiccato offered moments of taste and poetry, as one of our tasters said “it is not a simple bruschetta but a poem that I want to taste”

Here, too, the concept has been welcomed with enthusiasm and interest. In a working context of coworking that of Talent Garden Calabiana Milano, where work means exchange, interest in the other and his work, moments of break to taste our bruschetta while waiting for the caciocavallo to melt, offer as many exchanges of ideas, relaxation and joy …..then that saying the palate does its accompanying that sense of contentment and recharge to start again. Don’t miss the opportunity to relive these moments of taste and conviviality at home or with friends by purchasing our online kit boxes. Christmas is approaching and the kit box can be an original gift idea! We are waiting for you at the next event.

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