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The Box contains the following products:

  • Patented Auction for Caciocavallo Hanged Box
  • Caciocavallo Lucano 1,2 Kg – Dairy Fattorie Lucane – Ruoti
  • Fried dried (crusco) bell pepper – Don Geppino – Senise


The box contains the following products:

Patented rod

Black rod, extendable, with 3 removable tubes up to 1.30 meters. from the ground. Inside the rod there is the metal wire, resistant to weight and heat, with which to “hang” the caciocavallo.

The auction, together with caciocavallo, is the main product of our kits (Basic, Luxury, Gourmet)




Caciocavallo Lucano
Petruzzi Dairy – Paterno

Seasoned “stretched curd” cheese, with a characteristic elongated shape with a head, produced with milk from cows reared in the wild on the Lucanian plateau.
The name derives from the maturation that is done by tying it in pairs and matured “astride” a horizontal stick.

The rind is semi-hard, elastic, straw-colored. The paste is also straw-colored, compact, with no holes. It has an aromatic, pleasant flavor.

Caciocavallo is the main product of our kits (Basic, Luxury, Gourmet)

Cow milk
Rennet, Salt
1.2 kg.



Fried dry pepper (crusco)
Don Geppino – Senise

Senise production area between the province of Potenza and Matera in Basilicata, here nature dominates the wild and no form of artistic representation can be enough to describe that burst of emotions that pervades even the soul of the visitor who is less inclined to sentimentality. In these lands, peppers began to be cultivated around 1600, thanks to the mild climatic conditions, well-draining loose soils and abundant water reserves: over time our farmers managed to appropriate it, selecting a particular variety, the “zafarano”

Don Geppino is the classic crusco pepper, the zafarano fried in seed oil and ready to eat. The package consists of an aluminum blister that ensures friability and long shelf life.

Pack of 15 gr.


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