Top street food: International Street Food Competition

First place: Best Street Fooda " International Street Food "Rimini BeerAttraction Fair.Well yes dear readers, Caciocavalloimpiccato is once again the protagonist of the table but to cover and wrap an inviting burger of poolica and black pig

BeerAttraction, Rimini Fair from 17-20 February, has given us once again the opportunity to make known and taste the bruschetta Caciocavalloimpiccato with the explosion of its flavors all Lucanian!How nice to be able to meet so many wonderful people who work hard to carry on their ideas, innovations and achievements.

People with whom to share the same passions, the same emotions and why not also enter into competition to bring out the best of everyone, to then emerge everyone with the propio produced, with the concept.Taste, tradition, experience, innovation, tenacity are once again the characteristics that connote us and give us strength to continue to cheer your moments of conviviality and your palate.Happy Caciocavallopiccato to everyone!