Restaurant TROLLEY CaciocavalloImpiccato ® has been designed, designed and built to make you enjoy, in all the best gourmet restaurants, one of the traditional elements of the good traditional food of central southern Italy: caciocavallo Hanged.


Il Restaurant TROLLEY CaciocavalloImpiccato® è il complemento ideale per ogni

The Restaurant TROLLEY CaciocavalloImpiccato® is the ideal complement for any location that wants to include in its business an element of furniture for its customers, elegant and classy, with the possibility to amaze and involve the clientele itself.

It is in fact the right tool to enhance a new and tasty gourmet product to inevitably be included in its menu in all its appetizing variants to satisfy even the most refined palates.

By leveraging the reinterpretation of an ancient tradition, your restaurant will be able to revive and taste the taste of a past time, making them share in a tasty hanging


One of the elements that characterize this mode of service is precisely the fact of making the dish in front of the customers themselves, right in front of the table of diners. This guarantees on the one hand an indisputable positive effect on the refinement of the product and the storytelling that follows and on the other hand gives the participants the opportunity to experience the so-called “wow!” effect. followed by the inevitable sensory contentment of the palate.

The possibility of being able to use this “mobile” tool throughout the restaurant room, is an additional element of flexibility that does not relegate the use of dishes only in a corner of the room but that, having the possibility to move for each table, also allows to create an induced interest to the new gastronomic curiosity.

Finally, the integrated use of a smoke and anti-odor grille, allows you to guarantee the best room service without bothering customers with unpleasant smells or fumes.

The restaurants that will equip themselves with the TROLLEY CaciocavalloImpiccato® will be included in the internet and social circuit of Caciocavalloimpiccato® in order to be advertised and mapped on the website and on their social and digital contacts.

In this way all interested users can easily find the nearest Restaurant TROLLEY Caciocavalloimpiccato® with the guarantee of enjoying and being able to taste this wonderful product of the Italian tradition.

To guarantee the above the supply will be accompanied by a sticker (stickers) to be applied to the showcase of the restaurant that indicates the affiliation to the Caciocavallo circuitimpiccato ®


The height of the TROLLEY is the same as that of the tables of a restaurant to allow to obtain greater visibility by customers/ guests.

The material used for the realization of the TROLLEY has been designed to guarantee on the one hand elegance and quality on the other a robustness that guarantees a lasting yield over time.

In fact, a Corian base, a material of absolute reliability and elegance, the structure of the solid larch shaft excavated and a system of two stainless steel clutch cables with recall spring to suspend up to two Caciocavalli at the same time on the electric grill of about 2500 watts.

At the base of the electric grid is inserted a container of removable water that has an anti-smoking/anti-odor function as well as the possibility of collecting any fats in order to simplify their routine cleaning.

The power cord, which can also be retracted with a recall spring, can also reach, if necessary, a length of about 10 meters. so that electrical outlets can be used remotely.

Trolley measurements are 136cm. (L) x 50cm. (L) and 75 cm. Mr President, i would like to ask the Commissioner whether


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