Continue the adventure with Caciocavallopiccato from Eataly Roma!

Our story begins to be told and spread from table to table, taste in flavor…. From July 18th we will dissolve and tell, with “Caciocavalloimpiccato”, our Basilica always with a temporary shop from Eataly Roma but with a novelty, we will be up on the first floor and our bruschetta can also be ordered from the menu and tasted at the brewery table.

What we try to transmit is love, passion for what we do and for our land that through the Kit of Caciocavalloimpiccato can be known, appreciated, tasted and eager to be visited. People stop intrigued and fascinated not only by the caciocavallo that slowly embraces the bruschetta, but also by the story of our tradition and its land, through the products that we offer Gourm et with raw peppers, truffle and honey was much appreciated by professionals and not, judging it as an explosion of flavors that however does not alter that of the same loose caciocavallo.

In short, it is a real pleasure to see and feel that our efforts to make known and appreciate these flavors are rewarded Ma ny non-Italian people have asked us if in addition to being able to buy the kit box, we were present in other international stores of Eataly … well it is what we hope, to be able to continue this collaboration for the research and discovery of territories and traditions of Italy in other parts of the world. Good Caciocavalloipiaccato everyone!!

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