Caciocavalloimpiccato is healthy, the word of nutritionist Dr. Dario Vista!

"Caciocavallo Impiccato" is not only a great idea of food innovation or a succulent brought by street food.

"Caciocavallo Hanged" under the captivating robe of sleeling goodness, hides nutritional properties that make it distinguish from other products in its category.

First of all, it is not a simple caciocavallo or provolone, but the result of the transformation of a milk milk milked by cows that feed on a vegetable matrix rich in precious components.

Incarnate clover, alfalfa and portulaca oleracea (the latter very present in the Lucanian territory) are important sources of omega 3.

The increased presence of this category of fatty acids allows to obtain a milk with a fair proportion compared to omega 6.

Another characteristic of these plant essences is the high content of betacarotene and tocopherols, respectively precursors of vitamin A and E.

– here the episode on cheeses of "Il Mio Medico" TV 2000 – speech by nutritionist Dr. Dario Vista

However, the method of preparing the "Caciocavallo Hanged" is the real added value. Heating the cheese by thermal irradiation allows to dissolve the paste, maintaining a moderate heat transfer and temperature level.

In this way the precious, but at the same time delicate, polyunsaturated fatty acids meet a lower oxidation; at the same time, a large part of polyphenols survive, typically thermoleatable.

Finally, with regard to the sensory aspect, high-quality milk, the main feature of which is a high fat content of close to 4%, gives Caciocavallo Lucano an incomparable creaminess and a low spicyness, almost absent, an ideal condition to balance and not cover the flavors deriving from the other ingredients that make the bruschetta.

"Caciocavallo hanged" is not a simple cheese, but a treasure chest full of tasty, but also healthy delicacies, whose common denominator is a "Region that never ceases to amaze".

Dr. Dario Vista

Nutritionist biologist and Food Technologist

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