Caciocavalloimpiccato at Heroes 2017

Beautiful people, beautiful location, breathtaking views… all wrapped up in an unforgettable experience where technology and innovation meet or ” Heroes meet in Maratea “. Between networking, training and fun could not miss our Caciocavalloimpiccato. Yes, once again the taste has immersed in innovation, in the new way of proposing and spreading our tradition, combining ancient with modern in a re-enactment of medieval and current festive atmospheres through our stories.

A still current experience, however, with the tasting of our bruschetta and the caciocavallo loose and hanged on our sta. T hank you Heroes for this opportunity, for being able to meet and exchange ideas and knowledge with fantastic people and a thank you to all those who appreciated our gourmet and concept.

And to evoke that typical Lucan autumnal atmosphere, as if not wanting to leave that feeling that was there in those days, of familiar, “hearth” that our landscapes and our people can offer, together with our bruschetta we offer you a typical Lucan recipe:


Strascinati with cacioricotta and pepper dashboard

INGREDIENTS 4 PEOPL E -400 gr trained – Cruschi peppers “Don Geppino” -Cacioricotta q.b. -Lucanian evo oil from Vulture. Q.B. – qb salt


The process of doing the train: – about 400g durum wheat flour (or a fist formed with the hands per person as grandma did) – water just enough to get a soft dough

Put the flour on a flatbread, create a space in the center and gradually add water until you get the desired consistency, knead and let the dough rest for a while taking care to cover it. Divide it as you go into the panetti from which you will obtain cylinders. From these cut dumplings about three fingers long close and with the same fingers “drag” them on the planer x die them.

For seasoning

Pour plenty of evo oil into a pan and as soon as the oil reaches a temperature fry a clove of garlic then turn off the gas and again in hot oil but not too much, add some of our ready-made peppers, the rest you will put on the ready plate. Meanwhile, cook the trained in plenty of salted water. After draining them, keep them with the previously prepared mixture and sprinkle with cacioricotta. The traines are ready to be served.

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