Caciocavallopiccato at pizza expo in Las Vegas!

Good morning to all readers.
Caciocavalloimpiccato is flying back from Las Vegas "International Pizza Expo", in the stand of NIP FOOD.

What about guys, using a phrase like , "America is always America," we can express the enthusiasm we've had in presenting and making our concept known and seeing the positive feedback we've received.
Italian tradition, taste and flavors go well with the folklore, vitality and expansiveness of the American people.
As the knife blade gave way to the caciocavallo that smeared on the bruschetta and was enriched with the colors of the dashboard, the heady flavor of the truffle and the honey that embraced them, the eyes of people all over the world were grainy at the sight of that show, pre-tasting its flavor and excreting: " Oh My God " to taste!
So much interest and many requests to be able to bring our Lucan tradition to Italy and the world.
We thank NIP FOOD for their hospitality, for believing in us and sharing this experience.
Dear readers continue to follow us and next time we hope to be able to write to you back from ……