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In the box you will find the following products:

  • Caciocavallo Lucano 1,2 Kg – Dairy Fattorie Lucane – Ruoti
  • Organic Wildflower Honey – Serra del Prete Beekeeping – Viggianello
  • Fried dried (crusco) bell pepper – Don Geppino – Senise
  • Tartufata La Root – Avigliano


Caciocavallo Lucano
Dairy Fattorie Lucane (Ruoti)

sweet, with a hard stretched curd, obtained from cow’s milk from the Lucanian plateau. The piece seems to be taken from an elliptical or pear shape.
The crust is of a semi-hard and elastic straw color, while the paste is pale straw-colored and free of holes, dry and semi-hard. It smells a lot of boiled vegetables (cauliflower), together with cooked butter, with notes of nut, skin and – in the mouth – hints of hay


  • Cow milk
  • Rennet, Salt
  • 1.2 kg
  • Company: Fattorie Lucane


Organic Millefiori Honey
Company: Beekeeping Serra del Prete – Viggianello

The High Mountain Flower Honey of the Serra del Prete Apiculture Company is produced by bees during the months of July and August, in particular environments of the Pollino Massif at an altitude between 1,300 and 1,500 m a.s.l. from a vegetation typical of the rocky and sunny ridges of high altitude, a series of aromatic species vegetate that give the honey a particular delicacy and an unmistakable rural note that encloses the uniqueness of the places of production.


  • Color: amber in color, not very persistent;
  • Odor: moderately persistent;
  • Taste: persistent;
  • Aroma: delicate, not very persistent;
  • Crystallization: with the first cold.
  • Jar: 150 gr.



Fried dry pepper (crusco)
Don Geppino – Senise

Senise production area between the province of Potenza and Matera in Basilicata, here nature dominates the wild and no form of artistic representation can be enough to describe that burst of emotions that pervades even the soul of the visitor who is less inclined to sentimentality. In these lands, peppers began to be cultivated around 1600, thanks to the mild climatic conditions, well-draining loose soils and abundant water reserves: over time our farmers managed to appropriate it, selecting a particular variety, the “zafarano”

The DOn Geppino is the classic crusco pepper, the zafarano fried in seed oil and ready to eat. The package consists of an aluminum blister that ensures friability and long shelf life.

Pack of 15 gr.



La Root – Avigliano

Tuber Aestivum, better known as black summer truffle or more commonly “scorzone” due to its rough rind, is a good truffle, even if it does not have the delicacy and finesse of the scent of the black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum). Tuber aestivum is a resistant truffle and lasts longer than other varieties, thus allowing a more peaceful use. In fact, the truffle contains all the fragrances and smells of the forest in a single fruit, its taste is intense but delicate and its smell is nothing short of “tantalizing”.


  • Summer truffle, olive oil
  • Champignon mushroom, black olives
  • Capers, White wine, Lemon juice,
  • Salt, Balsamic vinegar, Parsley,
  • Oregano, black pepper
  • 90 g.

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